Dr. Sardone's Book "The Naked Truth: Overweight, Overwhelmed & Confused"

Book Synopsis

The Naked Truth is divided into three parts. Part I exposes the “Eight Reasons” behind the overweight epidemic and its associated risks and diseases supported by hundreds of published scientific studies and research. The truth regarding appetite regulation, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, cholesterol and trans fats, as well as the dangers of soy are revealed in an intelligent and truthful manner separating fact from fiction.

Part II provides answers and solutions based on the Do It Right Health and Fitness Lifestyle Program outlined in an easy step-by-step format. Beginning with the “Roadmap to Success,” the reader is taken on a journey of discovery and how to easily asess their body composition profile and associated health risks, and how to offset their potentially unhealthy effects through lifestyle adjustments. The reader is guided through a simple learning process to:

  • Create well-balanced meals using functional whole foods and easy to implement recipes
  • Create a daily supplement plan based on body type profiling
  • Create exercise routines based on fitness status and goals from beginner to advanced

Part III provides all the tools necessary to implement the Do It Right Health and Fitness Lifestyle Program including food selection, supplementation and exercise. In this section, the reader will be able to answer symptom survey questions designed to uncover hidden risks, and learn which tests are useful in assessing nutrient deficiencies, blood chemistry and hormone imbalances, and digestive system function, and much much more.