Do It Right Health & Fitness: Exercise Manual (2011)

This exercise manual was written to provide the user (beginner to advanced) a simple, yet complete guide to cross-training. Each uniquely designed exercise Phase (1-5) and concurrent circuit routine (1-6) incorporate interval aerobic exercise with total body resistance (weightlifting) training based on the Do It Right Health & Fitness Principles developed by Dr. Sardone. These principles are centered on well-timed and gradual progression of exercise intensity, duration and sequencing designed to prevent adaptation and "burnout," and to continually challenge the cardiovascular, muscular and metabolic systems to improve.

The Do It Right Health & Fitness Exercise Manual Features

Over 200 exercise illustrations featuring Grace
Over 30 routines including interval aerobics, core and total body weight training
Six supreme fast-paced and high-intensity concurrent (circuit) training routines
Work out calendars
Work out logs
An excellent guide for either home or gym training
And much more, in an easy to use format

After all, if you are going to exercise, don't "Just Do It" - Do It Right!
Benefits Achieved from Cross-Training (interval aerobics and weight training)

Anti-Aging Affects
Lose Weight (Body Fat)
Increase Metabolism
Reduce LDL-Cholesterol (“Bad”)
Increase HDL-Cholesterol (“Good”)
Reduce Blood Pressure
Increase Bone Density
Strengthen Immune System
Increase Muscle Leanness, Tone and Strength
Increase Endurance, Stamina and Energy